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Tap into a broad talent and consumer pool

Latin-American countries used to be characterized by poor innovation, weak legal protection of IP, its inventors and entrepreneurs heading to Silicon Valley instead.

This landscape has drastically shifted in recent years. Although Venture Capital activity is still small relative to other parts of the world, investments in start-ups are doubling every three years. There is thus greater hope than ever before that the benefits of technology-led innovation will accrue to citizens sooner rather than later. With the advent of cloud computing, new age ventures like Uber, AirBNB and Netflix are growing rapidly across the LatAm region

Latin-America is also emerging as an attractive e-Commerce market, thanks to internet penetration that is at 65% and growing. As a direct consequence of internet and smartphone penetration, almost half consumers research products and compare them online before even visiting stores. It is estimated that online sales will grow at 20% per year- well above the global average of 11%. These trends have collectively created a huge opportunity for e-Commerce start-ups in Latin America. Giants such as Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba to name a few are rapidly ramping up their operations in Latin-America.

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