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Market Analysis

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Get to know your market, your competitors

and your opportunities.

We collect relevant market information from multiple sources and turn it into valuable insights. Which we in turn transform into strategic advice to determine if and how to enter new markets. We typically provide business and market reports to help our clients make informed decisions. Once proof of concept is achieved, we determine the next steps in close collaboration with our clients.

Market information and trends

We provide information about market trends and niches, shifts in consumer behavior, forecasts, competition and perform SWOT analysis to correlate strategies with market outcomes.

Market and industry research

Based on public, international and proprietary research we provide in-depth analysis of a specific market and industry relevant to your products and services. This includes academic research papers and information about competitors’ strategies.

Feasibility studies

We know that every investment counts. With a feasibility study, we will assess the potential positive outcomes and the potential problems. We will consider market, technical, organizational and logistics elements to evaluate your market expansion project.

Regulatory requirements identification

We will provide a description of the fiscal, quality and sanitary regulations applying to the commercialization of your product, enabling you to understand the legal constrains of your target market. Through our trusted Partner network we can also offer multi-jurisdictional legal advice.

Proof of Concept

We will design a protocol to test the market acceptance of a product, and measure it accurately. The metrics we use are defined together with our clients and reflect the specifics of their industry.

Market Entry Strategies

We propose entry strategies that best fit your products and your commercial objectives. Generally, we offer two or three variations with varying degrees of investment and timeframes, reflecting the client’s choice between organic growth and investment fueled growth.

We build bridges to new markets.

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