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Mexican Senate Proposes Creation of General Law of Cybersecurity

On September 2nd 2020, Senator Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa presented the possibility of creating a General Law of Cybersecurity with the goal of protecting State institutions and civil society from the growing threat of cyber-attacks by organized crime.

Among the objectives of his proposal the following stand out: the establishment of criminal types in the matter and the integration of rules and procedures within which federal and municipal entities can collaborate with the National government in the task.

The end, he claims, is to guarantee the right of access to information and communication technologies, as well as telecommunication services like the internet in a safe fashion.

As a consequence of this proposal, several reforms would have to take place within the Federal Penal Code, the General Law of National Security Policy, and the Law of National Security. He also states that a Permanent Commission for Cybersecurity would be established within the structure of the National Council for Public Safety.

While other normative changes would have to take place, Senator Mancera highlighted that this proposal would serve as a starting point to being the discussion of the issue for the creation of an appropriate normative frame to benefit both the State and the people.