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Build partnerships, secure product delivery, and optimize your distribution channels

We facilitate the complex task of bringing the products to the consumer hands from its points of origin.  We provide information about material handling, packaging, transportation, warehousing, pricing, customs, among others.

Regulatory Compliance

We do all the due diligence needed to bring your product into the market in a timely manner and following all the international regulations for the transportation of goods.

Imports and Exports

Within our network of business partners, we have customs agencies and officials that will intermediate in the import/export procedures and ensure we get the right tax and duties quotes.

Distribution Networks

We identify the network that better suits your products. Our networks include local, national and international wholesale and retail distributors.

Warehousing and transportation

Stocking and transportation costs are unavoidable and affect the margins. We will define the strategy that best works with your products, the channels and the commercial strategy.

We build bridges to new markets.

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