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Post Sales Services

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Get to know your customers and earn their loyalty

Because bringing your products to the consumer is not the end of the journey, we offer a series of post sales services that will ensure your client has a satisfactory experience and give us insights for future strategies.

Market perception surveys

We realize surveys to identify consumer satisfaction and opportunity areas. This information will help us to adapt future channel, brand management or pricing strategies.

Quality assurance and training

Your technical team cannot travel to meet every client request. We dedicate our teams to pass on the technical knowledge and quality standards to be maintained for your products.

Technical support contracts

Through our network, we identify and negotiate support and maintenance contracts with local providers that suit your quality standards while attending your customer.

Customer service

Because taking care of the customer expectations is essential, we negotiate service level agreements with local providers to follow up with customers and solve technical issues.

We build bridges to new markets.

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