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With our finger on Latin America’s pulse, we follow trends and are present in all high-growth industries.

Luxury Goods

Aspiring classes in these emerging markets can now attain luxury via affordable luxury brands, especially so in the accessories categories which enable them to purchase the new ‘must-have’ item. The Latin-American consumer expects international fashion and luxury brands to deliver unique and memorable experiences.

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Capital Goods

The upsurge of the Latin American manufacturing industry has been one of the main drivers of economic growth in the last decades. Improving terms of trade and machinery and equipment component performance have boosted consumption and investments.

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Consumer Goods

Latin America’s retail sector still consists of many small, independent businesses, known collectively as the traditional or fragmented trade. They account for at least 40 percent of retail sales in every country in the region, making aggressive penetration strategies highly complex.

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Technology and Innovation

Latin American countries have generally been characterized by poor innovation, as their ability to assimilate new technologies is lower in comparison with most other regions in the world. But the landscape is shifting: investments in start-ups have been doubling every three years while the e-Commerce market is burgeoning.

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